2010 A5 3.0 TDI Remap + S-Tronic Remap


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Aug 21, 2013
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Evening all,

New to the diesel scene so have a couple of questions about my new A5. My preferred tuner has always been Niki at R-tech having had 1.8T / 2.0 TFSI's previously but unfortunately he does not cater for the 3.0 TDI.

Having browsed through the forums it would appear there are 3 well recommended potential options:-

1. Revo
2. MRC
3. Darkside Developments

Interested to hear peoples experience's on remaps from the above companies on the 3.0 TDI. Also keen to hear from those who have had a DSG/S-Tronic remaps on the 7 Speed gearbox found on these cars (500NM Torque limit is a slight worry)

Current mindset is getting the Revo Stage 1 map loaded on an upcoming group buy then getting the DPF removed at a later date and paying the £50.00 upgrade cost for Stage 2.

Thanks in advance.
I looked into all the options with my 3.0 TDI and went with @Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. He is a forum sponsor and has done several 3.0 TDI's for people on here. I had my car remapped and the DPF deleted at the same time. I believe he can map the gearboxes as well.
He writes all the maps himself and maps the car to what you want.
My brief to him get as much out of the car reliably with out loads of smoke trailing out of the back. The result 315bhp, 720Nm , no smoke and a few trophys for fastest diesel at GTI international and GTI festival at Santa Pod.
My car is a manual so torque limits don't really come into it so much,Rick has mapped DSG cars though I am sure.There are DSG 3.0 TDI cars in Europe running over 650Nm.
Have a look at my build thread there's a link in the signature.
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Has anyone had the S-tronic gearbox mapped?

Can you notice 'real' results and how much?
Desertstorm - thank you for your reponse. I have emailed Rick.

Paul - Based in the Midlands.

Darkside, MRC and Unicorn have all said they will not map the gearbox. I am just waiting for confirmation from Revo that they can map the S-tronic Gearbox. Like Swanny356, I am also keen to hear peoples opinions of S-Tronic Maps - they are highly rated on the S-Tronic 2.0 TFSI's..

Swanny356 - who carried out your Stage 2 map?
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Tim at A1 in Stafford - He's the only one I trust my car with.

He coded my mirrors to auto dip on reverse and added the MMI graphics on reverse also yesterday.:rock: