Suspension leg help! Pinch bolt part


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Apr 29, 2015
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Hello, I have broken the cast ally suspension leg part which the wheel bearing fits onto the back of, right up where the pinch bolt goes through! I have an a4 3.0 Quattro model, I am currently trying to find up a cheap part new or used. And wonderd if the Audi a6 2.5 diesel leg would be the same as mine therefore fit? As obviously the other model a4's ones arnt quite as manly. Thanks.
Also another place near me has came up with an a4 2.0 petrol one, would that perhaps fit? Is the same? Thanks.
I have been told by Audi that the 2.0 one will fit my 3.0 Quattro as all the b6's (04 & under) are the same apparently, could anyone here guarantee me that lol??
Yes mate the a4 leg will fit,guaranteed or your money back! See terms and conditions.