from a4 to a6 , now thinking about an a5


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Feb 5, 2011
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littleborough lancs
ok, so like the title says, I have had an A4 (well a few actually) and now got an A6, but I like the look of , and fancy an A5, the 3.0 Quattro tdi, or the 2.7 Quattro tdi is the ones I am looking at,
but first I want to know a few things, such as, my A6 has an interior lighting pack that includes lights under the inlays in the doors, and in the floor wells , dose the A5 have the same things,
also I have looked at one with a panoramic glass roof, now I have been told that they don't retract back, only tilt up???
but the dealer told me it opens? what's the case. arrr I need help people,
plus what's the good n bad bits to owning an A5
Hello! Will you be after the Coupè or the sportback A5. Obviously coming from a A4/6 the 5 door A5 would be a more practically choice, but it also has an impact on the options.

So the interior light pack is an option on the coupes, but does come standard on the sportback or S5. Unbelievable it's not standard across the range really! Similarly the sunroof on the coupes is only a tilt, but I believe (not 100%) that it fully retracts on the sportback.

(Know you specify diesels, but my A5 2.0tfsi is for sale in case it's of any interesté-2.0TFSI-Automatic-(2009).251882/)
Was just me, but happy to help mate! Lol

Congrats on your new car :)