Looosing coolant plus Lack of power


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Aug 10, 2015
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Hello everyone

Im new on this forum but thought Id try a few other brains as im not sure what i should be doing next

My car(2.0 tdi bkd) is loosing near enough a whole header tank of coolant every three weeks or so and idles pritty rough, some mornings it will take a couple of turns over to get going and and I have to press the accelerator to get it going like its running on three with a bit of white smoke.
It also seems to have a lot of hesitation and not much grunt behind it on the motorway.
After having a read around the first thing i checked was which head I have luckily its the 03G 103 308 C as you can see in the pictures so i guess i can rule out a cracked head.

I then took a log on vcds which came back with these figures im not sure if these look normal but ive been told if its at 2.99 then theres a problem.
This is the car idling (youtube)

Water looks pritty clean aswell

Also noticed a puddle/ring of oil around the cap which is screwed tight so i dont know how thats getting out... currently using about a litre of oil every three months

Anyone have any suggestions as to what path i should take next ?

Im not sure if it could be the Egr cooler making it loose water but how would that explain the lack of power and then im thinking is it an injector seal thats gone.
Or is it a dogey head gasket :S
Maybe taking the egr off and temporarily blanking it off to see if thats sticking and causing the lack of power.
Thanks mike
I cant say for sure but i think its head gasket.

I had problem with loosing collant and in my case pipe was broken, but many things i read (faulty gasket, or EGR valve)..
You can check EGR easy, if there is no water or no clean part on exhaust (because of steam) your EGR should be fine. Check if everything is dry after driving.
What do you mean no water or clean part on the exhaust?
Hey Paul I read on here somewhere that the heads ending with a C where bullet proof apparently but I think I'm best starting off with the egr too make sure that's closing correctly and then possibly the oil cooler maybe by passing that for a day or two and so if it's still loosing later then what you wreckon?

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