Eonon 5157 Rear non Bose speakers not working


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Sep 24, 2014
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Hey guys,

Recently installed an Eonon 5157, Front speakers are working fine but nothing from the rear and sub, any Idea how I could rectife the problem, been looking around and see a lot of people have issues with aftetmarket headunits but can't pin point the exact issue, do I need an extra loom or could it be a power issue?
Any your help is much appreciated

There's a cable that powers the rear amp/speakers, if there is no power to this from the new HU then the rear won't work. I don't know what unit you removed, but if you look on the label on the old unit you need to find the pin marked "switched positive supply". You have a blue cable on your unit, this should give you 12v with the unit switched on (test it). join this to the "switched positive supply" then join the rear RCA's 4-18 & 8-15 on the link you supplied.


Look at the above, see pin 6 in plug one, just to give you an idea of what your looking for!

How's the radio reception on this unit??
Thanks for your reply, its a concert I replaced, I dont see a "switched positive supply" Here's a pic of the the label. Haven't hooked up the antenna yet, so not sure how the radio reception is, waiting to get an adaptor.
Had a look there, they don't look like the right type.

Found this online so have the switch positive connected but no sound. Any ideas how to get the sound feed?
Did you connect the RCA connectors?
When you send power to the rear did you hear a click or any electrical noise from the rear amp or speakers?
Didn't connect the RCA connectors, not sure which to connect as its a different connection to the one you posted. Yeah I can hear its on now, slight hiss from the rear speakers so I'm on the right track :)
The RCA's have labels to identify them RL, RR, FL, FR, just plug the rears together.
Don't think that cable is what you are after!
hi yer Jdsour

just looked up the pinouts for you there seems to be 2 concerts listed could you pop a picture of the back of the concert unit I am pretty sure I had this problem on my A4 the reason is that Audi use a sensed ignition on, I ended up speaking to Dibbs at car audio security in Hayes in London I had to get a canbus lead but mine didn't have the steering wheel controls but was the only lead that worked I had to try 3 or 4 different leads it was an absolute nightmare

Also just looked for you on Eonon website couldn't find a manual for that model could you also pop a picture of the back panel wiring harness so with Johns and my help we can get your car stereo sounding the way you want
Hi Si,

It's the second generation concert i have, here's the link to the pin out http://homepage.ntlworld.com/h5djr/elsawin/radio connections.pdf . I have steering wheel controls and as far as i can make out it has a can bus cable on the new harness as the controls are working fine. I'll take some picture tomorrow of the whole lot so you can see what i'm working with. Here's a pic of the rear from the eonon website for the moment.

Cheers for you help
So I got home from work this morning and took out the head unit to take some pics, after looking at the pin out and the harness for awhile I realised there must be some extra cables that eonon would have supplied, so I went looking in the box that I threw all the cables I thought I wouldn't need and bang there was a rear left and right out cable
hooked it up and bingo all sorted, sorry for waisting you time on something I totally over looked.
lol how many times did I tell you to join up the RCA's
Glad you got it sorted!
Radio reception next.....................
Haha I know, I was all ready to go at it with new cable and a soldering iron :p

Got the antenna adapter today, reception is great, the whole unit working as it should. Have to say, having an android head unit is the business.
Jdsour just noticed by the picture that you have 2 wires coming out of the back of the stereo a blue and blue white wires
just be careful and check your wiring loom normally white blue is normally your switching on wire and the blue is the antenna wire if you read with a volt meter they will both read 12 volts yes they do the same thing but the antenna wire carries a lot less current/ampage than the blue white wire ( I see that the all blue wire has ANT on it any powered aerial must be connected to this wire )

if you want better sound no matter what it says on the front grill off the speakers they are cheap blaupunkt 2 ohm speakers from china and I had bose sound system in my A4 it was only when I upgraded my front speakers I discovered how rubbish audi speakers are, it will be the best upgrade you will ever do have a listern to Hertz HCX 165 expensive but on a different planet to the audi speakers and your dashmount speakers are paper thin 70 mm midrange speakers have a look at Hertz ML280 tweeters (custom brackets need to be made) lots of squids but well worth
Ok, will check it out tomorrow with a multi meter, should the ant cable be connected somewhere?

Was thinking of upgrading the speakers at some stage, will have a look at Hertz :)
jdsour the antenna cable should be taped of if not being used but wrap up with the other cables you don't want a live wire that becomes floating in free air possible catching on the cage and blowing a fuse

I spent £660 on Hertz speakers ( hertz HCX 165 3 way full range front and back hertz ML280 tweeters up top) and god knows how much on cabling

have a look at these items 2 x rear amps Alpine mrv 1507 massive audio NX4 put into 2 channel mode for the tweeters

Alpine reference DVA-9965 one of the best cd players Alpine ever made, alpine pxa 701 processor

and a JL sub to go in the boot I wired in all myself with the help of a local audi specialist helping me with panels

look at stinger 8000 series in car cables money well spent I have a account now with autoleads so I can supply at trade cost

my advise is to you start at the battery put lots of cables in I can send you pictures I also took the glove box out and put an amp rack in at the front
Ok, I'll get some electrical tape and zip ties tomorrow and tidy it all up.

Wow, fair bit of cash put into you sound system, I'm only thing of changing the front speakers for the moment. Would love to see some pics of what you've done :)
Jdsour first make a plan off your system look at what you want to achieve and here are some hard facts about car electrics

the car is the worst acoustic environment you can imagine

the power of any car amp is determined by the fuse that protects the amp so 12volts X 40 amp fuse 480 watts of output sound

but an amp is only 75% to 90% efficient so manufactures who say 1000 watts at 1 ohm you must think of roughly a quarter of that volume

but manufactures can use 2 values PMPO or RMS is the true measure of an electrical signal without distorsion

so your 1000 watt amp at 1 ohm should be come 250 watts at 4 ohms (pmpo) but only 125 watts RMS ( root means square )

the lower the ohms resistance of a speaker the higher volume it will produce but sound quality suffers so always go for a 4 ohm speaker

1) your sound system has to contend the noise from outside the electrical system is really bad 12 volts means high ampage longs runs of cable and the negative cable (side of the battery) is far more important than the positive side in a car it is negatively charged electrons that do the work any upgrade work done to the alternator will require thicker cable to be fitted also allows you to wire a negative cable straight to your starter motor

2) Start with your battery for any decent hifi 90 to 100 AH battery would be a good start the negative battery post Audi fit 1 125 amp cable to go to the car negative stud( I have 6 X 175 amp battery negative cables to supply more power you will need to uprate your alternator I had a 120amp unit on my car then upgraded to a 140amp but there are companies out there that can modify my alternator that so it will push out 180 amps I will ordering one for my car next month and yes I have also 6 AWG 4 cables hifi and alternator and 1 starter motor cable on the battery positive post

3) AWG is a rubbish method of classing cable always go by the ampage rating of the cable and then you have to contend with the fusing factor over load so your 125 amp cable should only be fused at 80 amps

still interested LOL
I've got a problem with my new eonon GA7157 CD player. I've got a bose audio system and I got the exact CD player to fit my car but none of the speakers are working at all! I've tried to speak to the sender but they are taking way to long to resolve my problem. Does anyone know if you need a harness and which one you need? IMG 1534
IMG 1535
There is an extra lot of connections on the CD player and the car also has a different extra slot Can anyone help?
Hey guys,
Recently installed an Eonon 5157, Front speakers are working fine but nothing from the rear and sub, any Idea how I could rectife the problem, been looking around and see a lot of people have issues with aftetmarket headunits but can't pin point the exact issue, do I need an extra loom or could it be a power issue?
Any your help is much appreciated

Hi I fitted a pumpkin head unit did loads of looking this was th3 best one.it was plug and play came with all the correct leads no issues with the rear sound ....