Bluefin stage 2

Jul 5, 2015
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Kirkcaldy Fife
Morning all

I have had bluefin stage 1 on my car for over a month now but i'm looking to upgrade to stage 2 does anybody recommend mods to go with this and have a idea of what bhp figures I might achieve

Cheers Mike
Bluefin quote figures of around 310bhp on their website,and to get the maximum from this you would need a CAI and exhaust upgrade.

I know you already have their software on your car,but you might be better off looking at a Stg2+ upgrade and a custom remap,from someone like Rick at Unicorn.
That would easily take you to 360bhp,and get the maximum from your car without the expense of a hybrid or BT kit.
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I'll let u no what it's like end August I will be going stage 2 bluefin while I save up the funds for stage 2+ , (clutch,hpfp,coilovers,bbk)makes sense for me as it only costs £50 if u have a bluefin

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