The dreaded what's it worth


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Aug 3, 2008
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So I ordered my RS3 in April and my car arrived about 3 weeks ago at the dealers. I'm currently enjoying divorce and don't want to blow lots of money on the RS3. I don't expect to keep it more than 18 months.

Just seen my S1 struggle keeping its value and watched closely the RS3's competitors such as the A45 on the 2nd hand market (got out of that car quick enough)

The FL on the 8V worries me that in 18 months the RS3 will take a hammering. If my £46k car was worth £35k in 18 months I could live, but worried it maybe very close to £30.

Appreciate some thoughts? My other option is to cancel and have an S3 or TTS (boss permitting) as a company car
GMFV figures depending on mileage can be found on the main Audi website and should give a good starting point that is conservative.
For example - after 18months the GMFV is £26683 with 15K miles on it. Obviously that is worked out only on the list price and doesn't include any extras/options, taking that into account and that we are talking bottom prices, you could expect to get £30k minimum offer on an 18month old £46K retail car. However, as it is a brand new model and in demand it is hard to really give a straight answer/guess. Looking at mk1 prices don't really help as those are restricted numbers in RHD form and will likely exceed 2nd hand pricing models.

The fact it is unlimited numbers and potentially there is a facelift on the way don't help, on the other side lead times are reasonably long, but the same was true with my S1 and that is still taking a bit of a kicking
Cars will depreciate and always tends to be more than we anticipate or hope for. I've had enough cars to experience that !

If I'm honest I can't see your car being worth £35k in 18 months, more so as Dealers tend not to factor in extras other than sat nav in value. I think £30k would be closer to the mark.

Better to go in with your eyes open and worst case scenario and anything better is a positive.