Instrument Cluster gauges issue


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Aug 3, 2015
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Hello All

I have an Audi A4 B5 1.8 ADR from 1995 with an instrument cluster having full fis display and 6 gauges.

The oil temp and volt gauges remain stuck at the last value even after ignition is off

The water temp and fuel gauges are stuck on 0, no movement whatsoever.

The only gauges working are the speedometer and tachometer with the specification these two when the ignition is on or off are jiggling at the 0 value for 5 seconds and then work normally.

The fis/maxidot display is working properly.

I've checked for shortcircuit and there is none, vag-com doesn't show any errors and all the fuses are in working order and none are missing.

Also I had an older instrument cluster which was on the car on which all the gauges were working properly but on which the display wasn't working.

I was swapped this one back and is not working well anymore either, gauges seems to be stuck as well.

Can you please assist with this issue and let me know why the 4 gauges above are not working properly.

Thank you in advance
all fuses are ok and in their place, both fuses 5 and 15 which are for the IC were checked twice, was the first thing I've checked

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