S3 8v manual gearbox hydraulics issue


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Aug 2, 2015
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Hi all,

I just finished importing my S3 from Germany (built 09/2013, formerly owned by Audi employee, 23.000km) and on the second day of driving it here in The Netherlands I had a problem and got stranded.

I had pressed the clutch-pedal, was about to go from 2 to 3 when the knob just got stuck in neutral. Couldn't do anything else than roll the car onto the side of the road. I was told by the AA-group / ADAC / ANWB technician who arrived on the scene that the problem was with one of the cylinders that contains oil which control the gearbox. It suffered from pressure loss, probably because one of the rubber o-rings is broken. That's why the clutch-pedal stayed depressed.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem? How did things turn out?

Luckily I have Audi-warranty that I can use at any Audi dealer. My car is scheduled to be taken there on monday. I hope it's a quick fix without any nasty surprises.
Manual box?

Usual problems are selector forks.
Manual box?

Usual problems are selector forks.

And in that case symptoms would be like I described? The technician seemed very sure of his gearbox-cylinder diagnosis...
He must be describing the clutch slave cylinder if this is a manual box.

That would give you the sort of symptoms you're describing.....my comment was re the usual actual gearbox failures.

Assuming it's that,it won't be too costly.
The part is around £70.
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Thanks Alex, got it.

Still kind of weird that that part is faulty 2 days after it was handed to me by the Audi Dealer I bought it from.

Anyway I have factory-warranty until 2017 so I am assuming this will be covered.
Thanks Alex, got it.

Still kind of weird that that part is faulty 2 days after it was handed to me by the Audi Dealer I bought it from.

Anyway I have factory-warranty until 2017 so I am assuming this will be covered.

Should be,and at that soon after buying it,you would think no matter what they would help out.

Good luck.
I agree, sounds like clutch slave cylinder which will be covered on your warranty....
Got it to the dealer today. They're making sure by checking but yes indeed it seems that the slave cilinder is the problem. Hope they can get the part quickly. Thank you guys for your replies.


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No problems

Hope all goes well
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Update from the Audi mechanic: it's not the slave cylinder, but the venting-pipe (not quite sure what this is called). The worst thing is that this part has to be backordered. It isn't in stock here in Holland or even in Germany. It could take as much as two weeks until it arrives!

I am getting a bit angry with Audi Zentrum Bochum, who sold me a car that is faulty after just two days of driving. Now I'm forced to pay for a replacement car.
The saga continues:

Slave cylinder fixed by Audi Center Amsterdam. Mechanic then went to test-drive the car. Found another problem when shifting at higher revs. To diagnose and solve this, the gearbox has to be unmounted, the problem fixed and re-mounted. That's a big job.

Interestingly, when checking the maintenance history Audi Center Amsterdam found out that the gearbox had been unmounted and remounted just 1000km of driving ago. (I have done about 500km myself since picking it up). So this was done in Bochum, Germany.

The people at Audi Center Amsterdam are being nice about this in every way they can. They're giving me a replacement A1 for free.

If I was Audi Center Amsterdam I'd be a bit ****** with Audi Center Bochum... Looks like the Germans dumped their problemchild on an Amsterdam doorstep :)
Latest: the clutch-disc is diagnosed as ruptured. I'm guessing the repair they did in Bochum just 1000km ago wasn't quite done the way it should have been...

Normally, clutch isn't covered by warranty as this counts as wear and tear.

But as this has failed so quickly after you bought it, it will be covered under a different consumer law, fit for purpose or whatever the European equivalent is.

So hopefully, you should not be paying for any of this.
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Indeed, clutch is excluded from warranty. However, I've driven only 500km with the car. Audi Amsterdam told me they will seek Audi's approval to do this free of charge. To me it seems that they messed up in Bochum when replacing the clutch for the first time. So any remaining issue should be between Audi and the Bochum dealership.

Does anyone know of compensation provided by Audi in cases like this? I mean, I am without my car for > 1 week before it is fixed and the holiday I planned to go on with the car is now a non-event. Whatever the cause, no one buying an Audi should be stranded on the second day of driving it...
Bigger question is why did they replace the clutch after kess than 1000km??

All sounds a bit concerning to me!
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The clutch was first replaced after about 22.000km.

Now, at 23.000km, it needs to be replaced again.

My theory is that the faulty slave cylinder was the root issue and that this wasn't addressed when the clutch was first replaced.
Just goes to show even buying from a dealer means naff all. Wonder did they remap it and cause damage then try and get rid shortly after.
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I wouldn't put remapping past the previous owner, who was an Audi employee. At least, this is what Audi Zentrum Bochum told me, but I am having trouble believing what they say.
Just posting to report that Audi Centrum Amsterdam have repaired the car free of charge. The clutch and slave-cylinder were replaced. Kudos to them!
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Drove the car just fine for 2 days. Now it broke down again, this time the EPC (engine power chain control) light came on on the dashboard while on the German autobahn. I was doing 90 km/h when it came on, lots of construction on the autobahn lately. Checked the manual, drove it to nearest dealership as instructed. The car was limping. Arrived at 3pm but all the mechanics were already gone. The car won't be diagnosed until Monday because there is some kind of public holiday in Germany. They gave me a replacement A1.

Frankly, I don't really care what the problem is anymore. I don't want to own a car that is hell-bent on giving me a guided tour of all Audi dealerships in continental Europe. Incidentally, it has completely ruined my holiday as I spent most time waiting for repairs to be done when I planned to go on trips.

So as much as I love the S3 when it works, I will seek reimbursement or replacement. Very sad. I can't trust this particular vehicle anymore. What is next, break failure?
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Yep. Anyone here with experience with this kind of procedure? How does it work?
Diagnosis: broken vacuum hose and a broken sensor. Both will get replaced. But how is it possible they both break down? Nobody has a clue...
Ooh, and now they're also replacing the ECU!
Just to finish up: yes it was indeed the infamous turbocharger issue. I'm glad it's not related to the clutch. Anyway, I'm back on the road.
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