Exhausts RS3 8V

Guys lets all be nice and move on :)
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Cool lets start again and enjoy life and the forum and yours cars :)
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So does anyone have a video or can make a video of a standard exhaust?

I think that was my initial question, but for some reason we have comprehensively somehow failed to answer that, or we have got to where we are through posting totally irrelevant posts. Become we don't know how to behave in a forum.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could help - it will influence my insurance; some companies don't like modifications (if I decided to retrofit) ( ps please don't insurance related posts!)
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If it's a genuine Audi part I wouldn't worry as they would struggle to prove its a sport exhaust and trust me they don't look into it that much as long as the car looks standard
So a bonus prize for anyone who can provide me with the part number(s) for an OEM sports exhaust!!! (or how to get them)
Guess you can't add to order in case it pushes back del time ?
Yes that's correct - I've waited 3 months and have 3 to go.

I've driven 3 RS3s now - but they have all had the sports exhaust. Hence my wish to hear the std exhaust for a comparison.

Having a possible path for a future upgrade in mind as early as possible!
Finally bothered my *** to test drive one! Sports exhaust all the way !
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So who is going to be the first to climb under their RS3 and see if there is a part number on the rear sports exhaust???
A video of the standard exhaust 'under load' (credit to the original poster)

I'm not sure why some people think that revving the car in neutral, shows much in the way of sound....
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What is the actual, physical difference, between the standard and sports exhaust ?
I would assume it's a bit wider at the manifold? What I would really like to know is does it give more power:rockwoot:?????
If that's the standard exhaust above it does sound great.
Have you got a closer pic of the downpour and cats Dan?
I got told the difference is that the standard is basically only using one side & that the sports is using both, hence, the "dual branch" description...
Both exhausts use both sides, dynamic mode will simply open valve in the other side
My guess from looking at the pic then would be that there are two pipes coming from the engine, perhaps, the standard may only be a single pipe?
I doubt there's any thing different in the front end area of downpipe / cat section. It'll all be in the back box baffling whether it's less or just different configuration to give the sportier sound track. Changing the DP/Cat will affect the CO2 emissions.
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Apart from the RS back box the system looks the same or very similar to the mk1.
As above it'll be the rear section that's different.
I have to say that everybody that buys an RS3 just take that exhaust option.

we did and it's so :hubbahubba: addictive :racer:

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