Help Please! AUM 1.8T Problems...


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Jul 21, 2015
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Hello I have a A3 AUM 1.8T with a pro tune map.


1: Rough idle and bad emissions you can smell it and fails on a mot test machine...
2: When it revved to 3-4k for 2-3 mins then the emissions seem to be good enough to pass but it stuggles
3: Car jumps in to limp and takes a turn off and back on for it to boost again.
4: It seems to hesitate / Jerk at 3.2k no matter how its driven. Also ive driven hard will stutter / go flat a power less at around 5+k and feel like im put the brakes on lightly

any help would be great only code is the pressure drop between turbo and dv but there isn't any boost leaks

Thank you!
Air leaks seem most likely, smoke test would find out for sure, dodgy coil packs maybe?