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May 27, 2014
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Essex, uk
Hi guys so I have a audi a4 1.8t bfb 2005 cabriolet and been looking at upgrading to a k04 and I'm just wondering what ones fit as a replacement I'm currently looking at two k04-023?
He's prob showing you one that does fit....just sayin
Sorry I didn't mean to come across rude. I just ment there is no information about what turbo that one is. I'm already watching a few turbos that are a hell of a lot cheaper
The plug and play K04 for the B6 is the k04-015. Some people prefer the BEX turbo instead of the K04 (K03-073).
OK so what if I brought a Chinese k04-015. And a new compressor wheel could I take the hot side from my turbo (k03-029 I think) along with all the insides (maybe a rebuild kit) and the cold side from the Chinese turbo along with a better compressor wheel would this work as a hybrid?
Wg ported?? I'm new to all this. but at the same time i'd like to find the cheapest way, I mean my turbo is fine nothing wrong with it at all just not enough boooooossssttt!!
If it's working fine, keep it as a backup for when the chinese/hybrid fails. Do you have supporting mods? because a larger turbo will be restricted by the exhaust, single SMIC, small (?) injectors, tune. I'd start with those.
Another stupid question would a KKK rebuild kit turn a Chinese turbo into something decent?
Hello Twaz,

Youve got the same engine and car as me.

I also looked into this but the problem is how our turbos are fitted in our engine bay. As above, doubt that the K04 will fit.

Why dont you do what I will do and contact BBT on here (Beach Buggy Turbos) and see if the guy has built a hybrid to fit in our engine bay? You will then be able to see 260BHP with supporting mods.
Why just buy something when u can make something come on guys! You can get all the insides for a hybrid turbo on ebay for £250 would that just drop isn't my turbo?
Did you upgrade everything I've listed, except the injectors?

I would NOT pick up a Chinese turbo, not even for the housing. Even if it's machined to be exactly like the KKK ones (and could fit your core), I seriously doubt the material is the same as the KKK ones'.