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Jun 21, 2012
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Redhill Surrey
Hi guys I have recently bought an S3 which has coilovers, when I bought it the back end was on the floor so raised it up to where I like it. Now can someone advice me on how many sets of adjustable rear tie bars I need to buy so I can get a four alignment done as it all over the show.
Here is where it's currently set and everything is well out


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If you get more range for toe adjustment by fitting at the bottom will I need a second set to adjust the camber?
Is it a good idea to buy the adjustable top mounts at the same time to correct camber and castor on the front as well?
Well I've ended up ordering a set of the adjustable rear tie arms and adjustable top mounts all from silver projects, hopefully be able to get it all set up well once it all comes
I assume the adjustable top mounts will have to be fitted at the garage doing the alignment so it's all correctly in place?
Are you planning to fit the kit or the garage? the top mounts can be set to dead centre if you want to do the work then drive to the nearest alignment place... they will be no different to the OE top mounts at that point... you will need to tell them what settings you want and explain how the top mounts works I suspect

...and most alignment places are only setup to do OE adjustments so the rear tie bars will need to be explained too... as may the rear toe adjustment process as this requires the rear arm mounts to be undone and moved... rear toe is a bit of a balancing act between this and adjusting the tie bars... dial the camber back in the tie bars first then try and get toe in line using the rear arm bracket adjustment... you can then fine tune using the tie bars but keep an eye on keeping the camber the same each side

Cheers tuffty, I don't mind fitting the top mounts myself and poss the tears to, I'm struggling to find a garage that can do it all tbh, I have a local Indi audi specalist that does 4 alignment at a cost off £144+VAT and another that say they can set it up to how I'd like it? But that is only starting from £49 so I'm a tad stuck as to where to take it really