new audi a4 59 plate tdi sline owner help


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Jul 13, 2015
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heywood ol10
Just bought a Audi a4 b8 2.0 tdi sline

I got a bargain but knew it had a few problems one is that its a cat d but don't mind had light wing damage and that was it , everything has been fixed body wise apart from

no headlight washers on one side just the fuse has been taken out and no jet ,
water filler bottle always says needs refilling ,
the range defective error comes up
auto headlights defective
auto wipers defective
missing internal heater vent on drivers side dashboard


I have fitted parking sensors and reverse camera and external screen they work, but intermittently , there's a constant beeping when reversing as well as the reverse beep ?
and the reverse camera comes on for a second fine then lines go threw it and it goes black ?

the car has 47000miles on it .what is advised to be done service wise, as it has no history apart from oil and filter change when I bought it

is it due for timing / chain belt ?
possibly gearbox oil as its multitronic ?
plugs ?
break / coolant fluid ?

also 2 nights ago weirdly the car wouldn't lock first time then it did , thought nothing of it
then got in car next day and it started fine but the key didn't click into dashboard it was just loose
and key/ ignition defective came up and the key starts the car but doesn't stay in the hole like its not catching ? iv cleaned the key out for any dirt ,

does any body have any ideas best place for parts or what needs doing to fix my problems ?

any advice would be greatly appreciated

also need somebody with the computer to clear / scan for errors in ol101nd / Heywood bury Manchester way

There is a guy in Leeds who comes on here you seems to know where to find good used parts and is handy at fitting them & sorting out problems. I'm sure he will be on here soon if you cant find him by search.