climate control

kevin norman

Jun 10, 2015
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I`ve read on this forum that it`s adviseable to always have the climate control switched on to keep it running properly, but does one have the air on fresh or recirculate? and yes i am envious of people whos cars are better than mine lol
Run it ll the time and on fresh, use recurculate when you need it. Auto resurculate will prevent washer smells.

All this keeps the system fresh, odour free and it also keeps all the seals lubed. There is trace oils in the system which keep the seals etc. lubed but this doesn't happen when its switched off. Also, if the system isn't used it will start to smell, yo'll notice when you switch back on then it will start to smell all the time.

I keep mine on 20 all year round, have done on every car i've owned and I have never had an AC or climte issue. Regular re-gas/service is the only time I have had any work done to the systems, I think this is mainly down to have the system perminently on.
Thanks Geoff for your informative reply, fresh it is then untill recirc in heavy traffic or going through the mersey tunnels ?
No probs @kevin norman , its a shame Audi don't do an auto recerc like BMW do. It sniffs the incoming air for inpurities or foul odors . its not like the Audi auto reserc which closes outside vents when cleaning the windscreen, its smarter than that and actually has a senor which "sniffs" the incoming air. it works well in traffic and tunnels.