Added 20" Rotor Arms and RS6 Grill Swap


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May 23, 2015
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So i've been lurking about and already started the mods, Plenty of VCDS mods already done!

I took all the wheels off and painted my calipers gloss black and painted the brake stone guards matte black to start things rolling,

Next came the 20" rotor arms in hyper silver with GoodYear Eagle F1's 265/40R20
I used a taller tyre to get rid some of the arch gap and it did the job perfectly! looks fantastic, ride has been compromised a little bit as it is does take more of the bumps etc etc, but overall very happy with the look! I also had the liberty of putting on a layer of R Evolve X Ceramic Pro protection on prior to putting alloys on, it should last a few years apparently and hydrophobic properties with a hard layer for dirt and scratch resistance with all weather types and up to 600c hard to test the heat part haha

I also got around to installing my RS6 Grill, it's a genuine item i got from eBay and won the bidding for a massive £166 with free postage
part number :4G0 853 037B
The difference between the real and fake RS6 grill is the matte effect aluminum surround and also the PDC sensor holders.

I won the listing but it did not have the parking sensor holders so had to order these from Audi in Cheshire Oaks on top of it, for anyone/ everyone who needs the part numbers for the PDC holders for RS6 here it is:
4G0 919 267 H
4G0 919 268 H
they were like £15 each if i remember correctly

The genuine grill needs to be modified to fit, and you definitely need a Dremel power tool to accomplish this job! There are 6 extra screw thread/holes which would have been there for a genuine RS6 grill, howeveer my bumper does not have these, and in order for these to fit the bumper they need to be cut off then sanded down to fit into the groove of the bumper and align correctly for the clips to attach right!

Taking the front bumper off was easy-ish

one screw had seized up so i had to lace it with lots of WD40 and let it stand for half an hour or so and it finally came off!

I never came across a how to guide/thread for removing the front bumper or grill swap, but it is pretty much the same as the A5 front bumper removal except there is 3 main screws joining the arch part and the front bumper together in the wheel arch area which needs to be removed in order for the bumper to be taken off. Additionally the xenon washer is built into the front bumper and not on the headlight unit, so you'll need to disconnect the water pipe and connector and either clamp it down or empty the reservoir (choice is yours, i just let the screen wash go into 5l botlle and put it back in later).

I also painted the fog grills gloss black to match the grill too, it's very subtle and not really noticeable but altogether it really sets it off

my next mods are to get dimpled and grooved brakes with ebc red stuff pads all round, roof and boot spoiler, RS6 pedal set, LED lightbulbs for interior lights,also a transmission mount by 034 motorsport and finally either a remap or DTUK tuning box (dont know which to go for yet-opinions welcomed )

I shall keep you guys up to date as a make my transition from mod to mod :)

Here's some pics :)




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Nice, bet it rides a bit smoother on the taller side walls. Rs6 grill and pedals on my list to do too
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