White 3.0 Quattro Avant! Continum.

Sam Stirrup

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May 26, 2015
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Hi guys,

I'm new to the Audi scene, so bare with me! A lot of learning to do.

Firstly, a bit about myself; I'm 20 years old and currently go to university in Essex studying Economics and Finance.

My past car history includes my recently sold show winning Mk2 Golf.
I owned it for 2 years but reluctantly decided to sell to fund a more sensible car.

However, with a trip looming, I needed to rush to buy a car and after trawling for ages through classified, one of my friends of Facebook was selling a B5 Quattro. So I thought why not as he was quite local and went to have a look:

It was a 2.8 30V Facelift with loads of options it!

Anywho, once I got there, it was filthy, the car had been standing for about a year but had an MOT. It has FSH and a lot of recent work done so thought, why not? So ended up buying it for £650 as a temporary car as I presumed on a part time wage I'd struggle to finance the thirsty 2.8.

Once we got it home, we soon realised there was work that was needed. It was absolutely filthy, so spend half a day cleaning the car till it was acceptable as there wasn't enough time for a full valet. The brakes were very spongy and had a distance to travel the next day, near on 200 miles, but as I had been driving the car the whole evening around town, the brakes had been improving.

Another thing was as it started to get dark, one of the HiDS decided to give up then half an hour later, the other one did. So I ended up gutting that out and out standard bulbs in

It was starting to come together very quickly with plans falling in place in terms of modifying.

However, the next day: I was travelling around the M25 in Lane 2 when a van decided to strike the rear the quarter pushing me sideways, and between a gap of a lorry, the van itself and the hard shoulder barrier.


So currently breaking this car at the moment: was lovely!

Fast forward 2 months later back to last Saturday: A friend of mine had stated that he was having thought on selling his Audi; so had a look at his build thread: http://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/saving-a-white-3-0-quattro-build-thread.218946/page-5 , and then once my payout came, went down to have a look!

I bought it straight away, fell in love with it. So now looking to keep it as my daily and improve it very subtly, got some plans for it so I'll keep this updated :)
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Welcome.........we know the Audi very well here and it has been well looked after
That is a beautiful well looked after audi! What have you got planned for it?
Don't touch it, everything possible has been done lol.

Question........how does a 20yr old insure that car??
That's a loverly car you've got. Well done
Is that a gen audi white or has it been respayed in white a4s in white are very very rare
shame about the b5 but the b6 is a good replacement
Nice to see Super Ron's lovely A4 has gone to a good home. Welcome along.
Thanks to everyone for the positive comments! It will be looked after; Promise! Another trophy win would be good! Yes it's a genuine white one!

Currently my insurance is £1k yearly and thought I'd treat myself so thought why not! I was paying £580 on the golf on an agreed value policy of 4k.

The plans before I got the car were:

20inch Rotiforms
h&r still static suspension.
s4 kit

However, I feel that now after having the car, I know it would look good with the big wheels but I think it will ruin it in the long term; so the plans now are to just to make subtle changes and tidy it up a tad inside as some things are just scratched where they commonly wear.

So plans at the moment:

Debadge 3.0 Quattro (potentially)
Fully detail inside and out.
Stone chip- sprayed.
Some bubbling on inner arch; very very minor and you can't actually see it but will get that sorted for peice of mind
Powder coat the wheels as they're slightly kerbed.
Exhaust tips, nothing too big, just something that fills the bumper holes up more.
Paint tow bar rack - another coat of black.
Replace some bulbs as they're not matching.
Stickers for AC unit? Not sure if this is suffice or new unit required?
Dents I'm rear quarter, need to be pulled.

I think that's it for now! My main focus is to get the B5 stripped and sold!

I'm quite fussy when it comes to cars, however, I've decided this will be a sensible daily car as I'm going to save to for a house deposit ready for when I come out of university in 3 years time.

Hopefully this doesn't spiral out of control last picture for now; will try to update this thread as often as I can :)

Got bored at lunch so done a quick MS paint job lol Don't think that would be sensible!
Looking good Sam. Will be interesting to see what you have planned materialise, having the time to turn this from a nice family car into a show car.

Reading odd bulbs has just reminded me. I fitted chrome bulbs to detango the indicators years ago, and one blew not that long ago so I put a standard one back in and completely forgot about it :culpability::whip:

its still a little odd seeing it in other peoples pictures too :sign werd:
Cheers mate, not sure if it's going show car quite yet; I would end up pouring 7k+ into it for what really doesn't need it lol

Yeah just one of those things! And I know what you mean; I see my Mk2 all over Facebook and people just quote it as SAMs old Mk2 probably how this is Your old Avant lol
Nothing more to update as of yet; still stripping the B5 but wouldn't mind attaching a rear spoiler, is it difficult?

Wipers stopped working and this came up on my dashboard as I turned my HIDS on.

I changed the rear light as it went and then this came up a few days later so changed it back and everything went away. Go figure.

I had changed the front HID bulbs too but left them as they were.

I figured that the wiper must be a separate issue so out they came:


Didn't get anymore photos as it was getting dark and my hands were filthy.

In summary, the linkage had seized, we found that a bronze bush had crazed and seized inside the linkage, so after we got it all free, wirebrushed, sanded down slightly, wd40 the hell out of it then greased them up.

That solved the wipers. Got new Bosch wipers front and rear while I was there.

Put the VAGCOM in, no faults. Lights are all gone for now, so will keep an eye on this.

MOT due soon and feels like a balljoint knocking, need to spend some money I think

That's it for now, sorry it's a boring one!
Another boring one

Car had its MOT yesterday, failed on lower ball joint.

So off it came, that's new genuine arms and ball joint now, didn't get any pictures unfortunately! (Sorry)

This light on the dash problem is still occasional so will keep updated.
it's the ballasts for the hids causing the brake issues.. the ballast is placed too close to the crash sensor wiring in the front bumper.. move the ballasts back into the engine bay from the lights.. it will solve the issue..
Technics100 is bang on with this!

2 choices;

Either place the ballast in the light housing
Wrap the ballast in foil to prevent EMI (electro magnetic interference)

I've done both and both remedy the situation.

How comes you're selling the car Sam? Is it just that time?

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