Auto dip wing mirrors & auto dim rear mirror


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Apr 25, 2010
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Had a search around and can't see any 'how to' guides on fitting / coding these.

I have the auto fold mirrors, if that makes a difference!

Any assistance, as always, gratefully received.

Thanks all
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you'll need glass either side, which is VERY expensive (£150+ each!) then wiring.
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so to get dimming mirrors you need to have the interior dimming mirror first, the wing mirrors dim on the interior one.
you can get the wing mirror dimming glass from eBay for around £50 each.

if you don't have the interior dimming rear mirror you need to get one, get the wiring for it and get to work, then you would need to also add the wiring for the door mirrors and of course get a set of mirror housings which support dimming glass, since you have the folding mirrors they probably already support dimming.

the passenger side dip on reverse can be coded to work on your car. If you want i can install all of the above for you at very reasonable prices. just send me a pm if your interested.
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On my A4B8 Avant, I've done the big replacement of both mirror assemblies (well, it seemed like a lot of work, stripping the housing off to fit chassis with wiring for folding, dimming heated and Elec adjusting. Not sure if chassis supported memory, but since I don't have memory seats, no worries)
So, fitted the mirror chassis, housing and dimming glass, coded the folding, but could not find coding for the dimming function.
Interior dimming still works, but neither outside dimming is working.
Have I missed the coding, or could I have other issues?
There is no coding for dimming door mirrors.
You need to add 2 wires per side from the interior mirror to the doors to make the door ones work, as the side mirrors dim when the interior does... The interior mirror is the master and the door mirrors are the slave
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You need to add 2 wires per side from the interior mirror...
Wow, actually adding wires, how retro.
So on a car where it seems you can't change a bulb without VCDS, I shall have to find the wiring (logically and physically) and join the dots.

Strange, though, since the wires for the dimming go into the door controller, that I shall have to send the signals to the controller; knowing my luck, the controller will still not be compatible.

Thanks for clarifying, seems I'll have to get ELSAWIN working next...
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Finally got the coding done to have auto dip on reverse, needed it before fitting the new alloys.

Also coded the reverse parking graphics at the same time.

Need to fit an auto dim interior mirror though as its that time of year, ridiculous prices being asked on flea bay though!