Milltek resonated cat back S4 B8.


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Jul 7, 2014
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For anyone who has took the plunge with one of these cat back systems, do you get any drone with it? (S-Tronic car)
Also how much Labour time were you quoted to fit it?
I'm still in two minds going with the Milltek, the cost of the system is pretty expensive!
I'm in the same boat, could get a custom for about £750 but awesomegti do finance.....keep looking and pricing but managed to resist so far
I have a dreadful sounding rattle in both front pipes, so it's either replace them with new Audi parts, or go for a full aftermarket system!
My daily-driver S4 has S-Tronic and came fitted with a Milltek resonated system. For me the resonated system was way too quiet. It sounded only slightly louder than stock S4s I'd driven, but there was no drone in the cabin at all. I switched to non-res after a few months and never looked back. It now sounds like a proper V6, with a lovely tone and a proper bark when you nail it. The car is still quiet on idle and absolutely civilised when trundling around but that noise when you mash the throttle and on flat up-shifts is to die for. The only downside is that there is definite drone at motorway speeds in 7th gear, although dropping to 6th when climbing hills does help. It's not ideal when you have a car-full of passengers (no complaints yet but I'm aware that it's not the most comfortable of noises) but 99% of the time it's absolutely fine and there's no way I'd ever go back to non-res.

Interestingly though, regardless of res/non-res, the sound changes completely depending on the style of exhaust tips you have fitted - ovals acted like a trumpet and produce a lovely V6 worble, whereas the quad tips make more of a turbo-style roar. I much prefer the oval tip sound personally and therefore would be willing to sell the quads if anyone reading this fancies a change.
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I tried to get a Milltek ordered in, but the factory is out of stock at the moment, and they won't be available until 30/05 at the earliest. This forced my hand somewhat, so I have ordered a Scorpion cat-back system, which was a couple of hundred pounds cheaper. Getting it fitted at Awesome GTI this coming Friday hopefully!
Probably too late, but are you aware that an APR-RSC exhaust system is for sale currently? Here:

These are very expensive new, and rare. I've seen and heard this system in person and it is sublime. Somewhere between Milltek res and non-res for sound, but absolutely no drone and the most sublime exhaust note I've heard both inside and out. Phil's car sounded more like a V6 Alfa than an S4, an absolute joy to behold.
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Yeah I saw that on another forum, I think it's a little too expensive for a used exhaust. (And one with no warranty)
Thanks for the heads up though!