245/35/19 tyres on saloon - will they fit?


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Saloon has 235/35/19 all round.

My dad has the car now for a couple of years nearly and it needs new tyres all round.

We have two nearly brand new 245/35/19 sitting around so thought it could be useful to just use them and buy two more.

But will they fit? Has anyone made the same increase in size without problems?



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I believe they are RS6 wheels that @Flying Scotsman has, not the standard s3 saloon wheels. S3 saloon afaik are 8Jx19 ET49. I'm also interested to know if 245/35/19 would be alright on the standard s3 rims.
Ah thanks! I looked quickly on my phone and didn't spot that.

Hmm will have to do some more research then