A3 8P 1.4 TFSi Cruise Control Retrofit


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May 13, 2015
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Hi All,

This is my first post on the site following buying my 2008 A3 1.4 TFSi S-Line on Monday, so a hello to you all.

The car has the Driver Info Display but no MFSW or cruise control. I've been doing a fair bit of reading into retrofitting cruise control and it looks like I should be OK without having to get a new Steering Control Module, however I guess the only way to be certain is to check the part number with VCDS or against my VIN and compare to the list on the Ross-tech site.

My main question is related to the stalk part number, I have come across 2 part numbers and cannot see any way to know which (or both) is correct for my car:

8P0 953 513 B 9B9 - seems to be a fair bit more expensive then the one below
8P0 054 690 B - This one seems to be listed as a 'kit'

Can anyone advise which one I should go for?

Many thanks,
Just a follow up, bought the kit and it was the right part. Not sure why its cheaper though!