Engine Management Light!


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Nov 8, 2013
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Hi everyone!

Can anyone help.?

My engine light came up recently, and then goes away.
it has now stayed on, got the engine code, and the mechanic said this
"it the pump that pumps water inside the car into the matrix so it flows better"
any idea if its an easy fix?
please can someone advise me what to do and link any parts which i might need to fix.

Many thanks

Post the actual error code(s) here, otherwise the only thing we can go on is your mechanic's interpretation, which may or may not be correct. Also, can your mechanic not source the parts for you?
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Don't have the code! :( forgot to take the picture. Also he never done a job on this model of a3 before. I'm hoping it's just a sensor. It doesn't have any impact on the performance of the car
he never done a job on this model of a3 before.

In all honesty, I'd be looking for a VW group specialist independent to do any work on my car. Modern VAG cars have many specialist processes and/or tools, that a general mechanic will struggle with and you will end up paying for it in one way or another.
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Oh! Not fair! I just need a fix to turn the light off! Hoping it be a sensor
His gibberish interpretation sounds like auxiliary water pump which do fail on our cars.

Try someone who has VCDS locally to you, and please post the full code.
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The light went off.! And then I had to. Gp over some pot holes and it came back on! Might even be a faulty wire? Where abouts in the engine can I find the wire or the pump?
I am based in weston super mare. I don't have the fault code with me. :(
I think you will need to find a VCDS user local to you so they can scan the car for the code and take it from there.
i bought the reader off ebay, so i upload the code on here once it get it set up,

i guess its just a standard plug and play thing?
If your car is on a ramp or over a pit...stand under the car with the bottom covers off so that the back of your head is in line with the middle of the front bumper. You will be looking down the car, similar route to the that the exhaust takes.

If you look up and slightly to your left you will see the aux water pump and its connector. Remove it, clean it up and then see if the light come back on.

There is a pic in this thread http://www.audi-sport.net/xf/thread...quattro-auxiliary-water-pump-problems.204382/
i need to find a ramp... or a empty grave to park my car over!
i could always jack the car up can't i? lol
Whatever you do, do not rely just on a jack to hold the car up while you're under it - it's a great way to get crushed. Buy some axle stands from Halfords, or similar, for next to nothing and support the car that way.
luckily, my friend just bought a set of ramps last week, so i can borrow it sometime this week.
i hope its just the sensor wiring is loose?
I'm not a major car mechanic guy, so im just praying it be something simple as, unplug, give it a quick clean and boom! engine management light stays off !
Hey, pint of mustard.

the reader came yesterday, but i can't seem to get the error code.
says failed to link. :(
would my car be too new?
i plugged it in, turn ignition on, chose engine, and then DTC. (or something) and failed to link!

Any Ideas

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