Rear shocks and springs a4 Quattro


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May 3, 2015
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So about 8 months ago I fitted standard shocks and springs to my a4 and she sat a lot higher after fitting new ones than she did with the old ones after 8 months she still hasn't dropped much lol is this the way thy should sit or should they be level with the front ?
which exact model is it, and where did the springs come from?

Most quattros run "sport" suspension from the factory, which is something like 20-30mm lower than a normal "non-sport" car. However the aftermarket spring manufacturers very rarely make springs to the "sport" specification, so i've you've bought the springs from a motorfactors or similar they'll be the moonbuggy height springs they've given you, rather than the proper sport ones.

Your options are either to goto Audi and buy the correct springs, or for similar money you can buy a full Eibach Pro-Kit and change all four for a better ride, better handling and a subtle drop over stock.
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Eibach is the way forward :rockwoot::rockwoot:

Bilstein B6 shocks and Audi springs for my 2.5 Q (as mentioned above - lowered 20mm from factory)
1BE is the PR code in your book/wheelwell for 20mm low IIRC

(NOT the Avant Kev!)

You'll also find you need to make sure the spring is correct for the car/drivetrain weight (1.8 petrol v 2.5 TDi for example!)