Front bumper pre-removal tips required

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Jun 13, 2014
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Time is ticking by now and the fitting of my DTM bumper is drawing closer , what I would really like now is to get a better understanding in whats involved in removing the front bumper.
I have seen a few links but nothing really that helpful as yet and i'm hoping to get some better info from anyone on here that has been through the whole process.
I currently have an s-line front bumper with factory fit headlamp wash system and parking sensors fitted.
So then , before I rush into semi -blind so as to speak , how long a job is it, will I have problem with either the washers or sensor , should I order any parts in advance that are likely to get broken during the process such as clips or brackets.
any input would be most helpful.
An old soft blanket underneath and across the front of the car to prevent scratches on the bumper. This shows where the screws are, if you didn't already know You'll need a long handle torx 30 driver for 2 of the screws outside the headlamps. Other than that it's straight forward.
I took my golf bumper off ..pain to get back on like
(Lineing the lugs up and making it flush)
performed the bumper off procedure 4 times now and practise does make perfect......I have no issues doing it now but for anyone that hasn't it can seem a much bigger job than it really is, headlamp washers and PDC can be problematic as parts can become brital after time and snap so be prepared for having to possibly get replacement bits, also bumper support/adjuster can be seized or broken so lookout for that one, othet than that nothing to get excited about.
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