Resonator Delete 1.8 TFSI


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Feb 4, 2014
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The Audi saga continues! :audibash:

The car is making a 'thudding noise' which is coming from underneath the nearside rear passenger seats when the engine is running. I've had the car up on a ramp and the resonator (which is directly below the rear passenger seats) is knackered. When you give it a knock you can hear all the baffles loosely moving around.

The resonator is the middle box in the exhaust system. I'm not sure what its purpose is but its after the cat and before the back box. The garage have quoted me £380.00 to fit a new resonator or they have suggested removing it and welding a pipe through which they will do for £70.00

Can anyone shed any light on whether this will cause any EML's to come on? I understand it will be a little louder without the resonator but that doesn't bother me.

Should not make the light come one, people regularly remove the, on the S4. You sure your not just using the old " it's knackered love, it has to be removed " excuse on the wife. To get a better sound lol
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Haha I've read that it doesn't make too difference... worth the money if I can't hear her moaning about my driving though!

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