Media Player/MMI Issue


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Mar 18, 2015
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Hi there everyone,

Has anyone else come across this problem? When I play music or have the satnav on, the MMI makes a hissing sound. A bit like it's running some kind of limiter/compression on the sound system? Or there is something weird going on with the processing of sound/voice command samples.
I use a 32Gb memory card with a lot of music on (all MP3 format). I have also just bought an iPOD lead and that does the same thing. Also, as mentioned above, the voice commands make it do the same thing.

It's a bit annoying and the Q3 I had before didn't have these problems. I know it's a different MMI unit, but the Q3 was 'older'. Before I get told, I also realise the Q3's MMI system was not older, but actually far more 'up to date', even thought it was a 61 plate car. (My RS3 is a late 2012 car)

Maybe it's a recall and I should get it sorted before my warranty runs out in October? Any idea anyone?

Thanks for any thoughts, ideas, or let me know if anyone else has had this issue.

It's the awful bose autopilot/GALA system that monitors the volume adjustment system.

Some people have adapted the coding using VCDS to turn off the GALA, but then it does change the sound characteristics of the sound system (and the equalisation settings).
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Thanks Kelza.

That's a shame it has to be an issue in this car. I've never had a problem before with the GALA system in any of the Audi or VW models I've owned. This is particularly annoying!