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Apr 14, 2015
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Hi there

I live in London and have 'underground' parking, but my space backs onto a vent through which all manner of dirt can get in. There is no hose pipe access (I live in a flat), and my actual house is about 300-400m away, up 16 floors (i.e. I can't carry a bucket, even less two).

So I can't clean my car myself at home, and am looking for reliable hand washers in East London. In the absence of individual recommendations - what questions should I be asking to find out whether a wash place is good? Is this possible, or is it just 'suck it and see', and hope they don't scratch it to pieces?

Secondly, I can wash it, and have shampoos etc. at my girlfriend's mum's house (which I visit some weekends). She needs a replacement hose, but I am also looking into a pressure washer (Karcher K2 Car). This has probably been done a lot of times on this forum, but is a PW necessary / very good over and above a normal hose?

Thanks very much
I would use a pressure washer, it makes it quicker and easier to blast first off.

I too live in a flat and can't wash my car at home so I have two 5 litre water bottles and head down to the local supermarket jet wash. I use their jet wash and my water in buckets for a 2 bucket method, you get some strange looks but I always try and go when its not too busy.

Posh wash in central always get good reviews and always has super cars in so an opportunity for some car spotting too. http://www.poshwashlondon.co.uk
That's great, thanks very much - yes I guess the jet wash would at least keep the worst of it off in between 'proper cleans', though from my reading it seems as though drying the car is very important, and so I'd have to get a second lot of equipment for that. Appreciate the recommendation for poshwash - interesting that they use a pressure washer themselves (so must be at least a half decent method!!)
Yeah I think I'm coming round to the idea that I'll need a pressure washer at some stage. I just don't think a hose will cut it. Trouble is with things to 'tide you over' such as that, is that the spray gun for the foam is £51. A Karcher K2 with the car accessories is £89, so it almost seems worth just going for the real thing straight away...
I'll get shot for saying this, however I'm going to anyway. If your car is not filthy and doesn't have lots of contaminants, muck or the like then there are a few waterless washes that you can use. My back is totally knackered so I can't wash my A3 myself. Luckily I have good hand car wash close by but in between I use a waterless wash system just to keep on top of it. One I normally use is Showroom Shine. Just have piles of MFs as you need plenty to complete the process. This is my car after waterless wash after visiting the car washers last Friday. I know it's not a detailers choice and isn't my choice but I need to as pressure washer, hose, buckets etc just can't happen now. Some will think it's the work of the devil some will see it as a solution. I wouldn't use it on a minging car. Pic of results
Looks great - could be a good option whilst in my car park!

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