Bucket Pic?

Dave Hedgehog

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Apr 9, 2012
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Compared to the current buckets these look a bit disappointing IMO, only time will tell how comfortable they are to sit in?
I agree. I don't think they would be worth waiting for. I think the super sport seats are far better looking.
I dont think they look very good either - glad I went for SSS. I couldnt live with seats with no backrest adjust or lumber adjustment as every now and again when either on a long drive or sitting in traffic I like to be able to tweak the seat a little
I've got buckets on my current RS 3 they look great but getting in and out of them is a nightmare, everyone who gets in says the same.
Won't be getting them on the next car
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I had the buckets on my S3 (2008) and for the same reasons didnt spec them on the current RS3. At least they were adjustable for back rest angle and had electric lumber. That picture above of the new design of buckets seems to show no adjustment at all. I sat in the new SSS at the London lauch and found them to be very comfortable (and adjustable) and at £795 seem good value compared to the price I paid for the old style buckets on the S3.
Agree with the above, I had buckets on the S3 and you were always worried about creasing the bolster so you had to manipulate and contort you're way n. They look good yes, but longer drives they became a pain.

These new thrones don't look that special, especially for the price. Super Sports seats mimic the old bucket style/shape and look far better put together.
Fine for a track car but not needed for a road car at all IMO.

SSS are the perfect balance and I love them in my S5 - best seats I've had in any car - very supportive and extremely comfortable :icon thumright:

The buckets are also MEGA expensive !!!!
I Love the look of them but i would have to go for comfort and i would be worried about them being nicked.
Those buckets look even more narrow than those I have in my 8P... would need to diet a bit to get in those I think !!