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Sep 25, 2014
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Dear All - apologies if this thread has been covered elsewhere (I've had a quick search but couldn't find anything exact).

In short - I have an A3 140 TDI S-Line Black Edition (unfortunately bluetooth is not fitted to the car - and I want to make calls and use my Sony phone for music, DAB radio, etc when driving) - want to remove the standard double din Chorus Stereo and fit a Sony Bluetooth Cradle. Pic attached. I have the Sony item, and could fit it easily myself - however when buying the unit from Halfords they said that they could not fit it owing to the Bose System in the Audi.

Does anyone know a decent installer in the Berkhamsted, Herts area (emphasis on a decent installer) who could do the job please, and what is the worst that would happen if the Bose system was bypassed? As you can tell technology is not my thing - I like the idea of it, the maths and physics of it all bewilder me!

Many thanks in advance for any advice.



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I forgot to add - I believe I need the PC9-416 amplified adaptor leads to make the BOSE system work (I believe the car to be fully BOSE'd up!), but is there anything else I need guys and girls??? Thanks.

Oh - and any hyperlinks showing in my posts have nothing to do with me - they seem to link to John Lewis products!
I think, in addition to the standard 'loom' to convert all the wiring, you'll also need another wire to activate the BOSE amp in the boot and enable the BOSE system. I've not done it myself though and somebody will be along shortly to fill in the blanks I'm sure.
Your car is the same year as mine and I'm 99% sure that Black Edition = Full BOSE system.

Edit: Re-read your post(s) and discovered you already know about the extra cable. Aside from that, I think it's rev-up-and-go! :)
Thanks D3mon - and yes hopefully someone can fill in the blanks. A chap who I have found locally to fit the whole thing did mention about a wire needing to go under the carpet to the boot - hence why I'll pay him to do it properly, rather than me potentially wreck the car! I've taken some pics of the current Audi wiring, and a pic of the back of the Sony unit - and it looks to me as if I need the following as a minimum (hopefully someone can confirm and recommend the appropriate part numbers for the Audi own stuff, and the right description for the non-Audi stuff):

1 x A3 Stereo surround fascia
1 x Sony to Audi connection stereo leads (incl. Bose)
1 x Aerial Adapter
Do I need anything else????


How strange. I'm pretty sure the wire is already in place down to the BOSE amp in the boot and just needs a 12V applying to it when the new head unit switches on. The Sony may even already have that wire in its wiring loom for standard amps (usually a thin blue wire IIRC - but that was the late 90's, when I last wired an aftermarket radio)

Yeah, here we go - on the pictures you show you've got a blue wire coming out of the Sony. Check that function in the manual. Then you'll need to find and pull the BOSE wire out of the quadlock connector and join them together.

... BUT let somebody smarter confirm that first before doing it! :)
Many thanks once again. Yes I'd imagine the wire is already in place for the current system to work. but if anyone knows the exact parts I need - that would be fantastic.

At present I'm pretty sure the Bose stuff needs a PC9-416 (, a fascia is available on Ebay, which leaves working out the correct aerial adapter.

Am I right in thinking that the 2 black sockets on the end of the Sony wires, connect with the PC9-146, which in turn connects to the Black/green/blue (apologies - I am colour-blind!) Audi box in my pic above?
Yeah I'm guessing it will be a 'piggy-in-the-middle' cable, fit between the new head unit and the OEM wiring (e.g. the quadlock connector). How it's wired will probably be more obvious when it's in situ.
Once again, many thanks - and I now know what Quadlock refers to!

Just realised - do I need something that ensure the steering wheel controls still work????
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