Water in the boot lid


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Nov 16, 2014
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When I opened my boot lid I noticed a lot of water dripped from inside the boot lid. It seems to be coming from the inner light clusters. Has anyone had the problem before?
I removed the lights and checked the seals, they seem fine although a bit flimsy
There's few on this Forum had this, it was the seals around the lights on my A4, to the eye they looked fine but once changed no more water, sorted. :thumbs up:
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There was a recall for the seals around the rear lights when i had my 2010 B8 S4
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Thanks JG and DAYTONA500, i've ordered new seals. Unfortunately I've noticed one of the LED's is not working, as they cant be opened i'll have to live with it!
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as above seals look fine but let water in
I got new seals. I'll fit them this weekend. On the invoice it says "94F6 Recall" but I check with Audi an there are no recalls on my car. Not too worried though as the seals weren't expensive. I'll update in a few weeks, hopefully this will fix the problem :D


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