Can I get bluetooth in my car?


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Jul 5, 2013
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Hi all,

I have an Audi A3 sportback (59 plate).

I have the:-
  • iPod docking station in the glove box
  • Aux plug under my armrest
Is it possible with some sort of adapter plugged into the iPod dock in the glove box, to stream music via bluetooth?

I have an iPhone 6 which is not the same connection as the old one in the glove box so thats no use.

I also have a case on it that will does not fit most Aux cables to plug it into my Aux port. The case is one that screws on and taking it off to use the Aux port is time consuming.

It has a symphony unit in the car.

I might as well ask why im here if there is any way to use the controls on my steering wheel to answer calls without having a Bluetooth module retrofitted?

I look forward to your replies and suggestions
Depends on the interaction level you wanted for music, the full use of track changes & track data via head unit/wheel requires the Ami system with the latest rns-e, all of which we supply/fit.

You can't use the phone interactively via the car without a BT module, we can also supply/for this if interested.
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I have the BT module which @NHN fitted for me, also in a 59 plate sportback, and it works like a charm!