Retrofit cruise control A4 SE S line ( B7)

Andrew Shelton

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Mar 9, 2015
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Hiya looking for a bit of help here, is there anyone near Chesterfield, Derbyshire or surrounding area that could do this, also willing to travel to get it done.
Just need a price as well.

Cheers and Thanks
Yes I can supply/fit cc for you.

Ping me a pm if interested.
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NHN is the guy you need. Just send him a private message. :) x
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ah Nigel, you beat me too it. :) x
As always, much appreciated Sandra, have a great day :)
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Nigel did mine and very please I am with it too.
Perfect professional install, worth driving down to get it done by him.
Very well respected and trusted on here, you will not have any problems.
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Thanks im new on this forum when i can work out how to pm you Nigel...will try to arrange something to get it fitted beore i go over to Germany. :)
Yes I can supply/fit cc for you.

Ping me a pm if interested.

Think ive worked it out just having one of those days !!!
Love to get one fitted just need a price and we can arrange a time.


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