audi a8 rear view camera retrofit and coding help


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Dec 9, 2006
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hi guys

i am trying to retrofit the manufacturers original kit to give an oem factory appearance and use

ive used the following equipment

4H0 907 441 .... this is the part number for the control module i cannot see a revision number on the box but will check again tommorow

4E0 827 574 H this is the part number for the grip handle and camera mount

8K0 980 551 B this is the part number for the rear camera itself

all the parts where listed under the audi 4h d4 a8/s8

because you cannot buy an original audi loom i bought a kufatec loom

one thing of note is at the bottom of the description under notes it reccomends having revision x on the 4ho 997 441 i checked before hand with kufatec and they stated this was ok with my control module

after installing everything as a factory installation would i then attempted to code by altering the following by converting kufatecs manual

address 19 in vcds and altered the installation list to include the rear view camera
address 5f in vcds and altered bit 7 (this gives the mmi an option for rear view camera )
address 6c in vcds which requires coding correctly so as car knows if trailer is being used and if long or short wheel base and if has parking sensors system (mine has parking sensors front and rear )

address 10 in vcds and made sure the rear camera option is selected for when reverse gear is engaged

it states at the bottom to reset the mmi .... not managed this yet as it appears its not as simple as the d2 and d3 as there is no set up button
ive tried to reset via vcds but it wont connect to the control module

when i start car and engage reverse the screen has definately changed to incude the image

this is the original

this is what i have now but with no actual picture

any help appreciated cheers guys been messing all day trying to find correct
info but theres virtually no info on web regarding doing this