My new S1

andy l

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Feb 21, 2015
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Looks amazing good choice, it looks exactly how mine will look when it arrives from Germany sometime next month. Whats your first impressions?
I only driven it for 15 miles so far as I pulled a muscle in back!!
First impressions are really good everything I was expecting, really quick and the Bose system is awesome think I made a great choice and well worth the premium price over the other cars I considered.
Think I will activate the sd sat nav when I've saved some money.
You will not be disappointed a random guy knocked on my door a couple of days ago asking me about it.
Hi Andy, welcome to Love the car and colour. Hope your back is better soon and you get to enjoy the car. :) x
Me and my fiancé just picked ours up on Friday same as yours spang blue with the Quattro styling back. What interior choices did you make?
Just went for the standard interior trim my finances couldn't quite stretch to the quattro interior pack.
But more than happy with the standard seats anway.
nice, not many three doors around,
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