Turbo / dsg gearbox problems


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Aug 27, 2013
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Chester , Cheshire
Hi all I have just bought a 55 plate a3 2ltr tdi sline with dsg gearbox problem is when you Rev the engine you can hear a whistle noise from turbo I think and a whining noise when on higher revs , the car runs fine and dsg gearbox seems ok but the noise is worrying me how can I tell if it's either the dsg gearbox or turbo or both any help appreciated
Most likely it is the turbo. There are two main schools of thought on a noisy turbo.

1. Change it right away before it fails.

2. Leave it and let it run and fail and then change it.

I subscribe to number two. Also check for boost leaks, cracked or damaged pipework...
Cheers mate although it's noisy like whistling and whining i did find this fault code on today it was (01626 solenoid valve for boost pressure control n75) would that contribute to the noise mate