Audi R8 e-tron in Pictures


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Sep 12, 2010
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Etron r8
Etron r8 2
Etron r8 3
Etron r8 4
Etron r8 6
Etron r8 7
Etron r8 8
Etron r8 9
Etron r8 10
Etron r8 11
Etron r8 12
Etron r8 13
Etron r8 14
Etron r8 15
Etron r8 16
Etron r8 17
Etron r8 18
Etron r8 19
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Wow it's horrible
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Am I going to be the only one who doesn't like it? Sorry but I think they have spoilt the look of the R8.
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Its a very fast milk float
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Looks great! Personally love the alloys, only part that looks off is the bonnet but I'm sure the vent serves a purpose.
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It's not an R8 anymore, maybe they should've labelled this the E8 :)
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Excuse me but didn't we see a look-alike machine in 1978:

M1 Capture
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Ooh look at the display though :wub:


PS anything with tron in the name always reminds me of:

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I'd agree with that. better to get new alloys