A6 Flashing glowpugs & ESP Fault logged on display


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Apr 22, 2009
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Glasgow UK
Hi guys,
haven't been on here too much recently, just here n there as the Jag is now my daily driver.

The A6 is still in the family and driven daily by the wife ( god help the A6 )

Anyhow for info purposes, just about 2 weeks or so ago I had an engine oil & filter change done as well as replacing the air and fuel filter. Around last week she was in Audi Technik for her MOT as well
as rear parking sensors and a drivers side wheel bearing, all ok so far.

As I said, my wife now drives the car and I either get told nothing and its only weeks later when I finally give up and wash / clean the car AGAIN that I find dings / issues etc. To be fair this time I was told that
"there's a wee light thingy on the dash Jim"......SLAPHEAD ICON!!!

I check and find that the glowplug light is flashing AND there is an ESP fault message displayed on the DIS.

Asking for info from my wife ( may as well as the neighbours cat ) and finally get to where she replies, yes, it feels a little underpowered / sluggish but just thought it was me!

Just for reference purposes - I also believe we may have a weak or failing battery. It was sluggish some months ago, but got through the winter with no issues at all, just something I noticed on the rare times I drive her. I'm wondering / thinking that could play a part ( clutching at straws ) as I know how susceptible these cars can be to weakened batteries. just FYI

Anyhow, I'm ploughing through many many similar / related type threads both here and through google, looking for possible answers and have many to choose from.

I certainly have ideas and look to the forum Guru collective for any help / suggestions on this ASAP

I'll be calling Audi Technik tomorrow with a view to looking at getting her booked in for checks as soon as possible.

If anyone can help with either reading / diagnosing the issues, like Dumbo says......I'm all ears

Thanks in advance guys


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Well, knowing it could be as simple as the brake light switch, or possible EGR, Turbo or many other things I took it to Audi Technik today and they fitted me in for a quick diagnostic check

I told Willie that I thought it may be the brake light switch having checked the forum, he says ooohh could be the EGR or something else etc, I''ll check it and advise.

20 mins later, err yes Jim, its the brake light switch >>>whew!!<<<<

All fitted and working now, warning lights gone and all A ok

£57.46 all in incl vat

Happy chappy