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Oct 11, 2003
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Well I am looking into replacing my engine mounts as they are both starting to leak and both have the monitoring sensors in the side.

I know the B5, B6 and B7 mounts are all interchangable, so focusing on the solid rubber B5 RS4 at the moment but worried about extra transmission vibrations............so was thing if anyone has use 2.5tdi mounts on the 1.9tdi.

The theory is that they are not as stiff as the RS4, but firmer than the 1.9tdi

That or sticking with B5 1.9tdi non sensor mounts by Febi for about £30 each!
RS4 is same as 2.5tdi if I remember rightly. Either way the vibration isn't too bad and you only notice on idle.
I thought your Audi was the low mileage mint example. Just surprised it needs new mounts!
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Yeah low miles my car but guess as it has turned 10years old, the age has got to the rubber mounts and leaking fluid.

My driving is a little more spirited than the previous one lady owner before LOL
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No noticeable wobble on mine but they are starting to leak so getting in early.

FEBI none sensor ones from a B5 are the route I am def going down, but going for the slightly stiffer 2.5 versions on my 1.9

It's also worth checking the gearbox mount too.
Let us know the outcome Mike, be good to know.
Don't have any leaks on mine at the moment, but do get a kind of V8 wobble sometimes at idle..
Ive done the snub and gearbox mount on mine but still feels like its rocking abit.

Can you put non sensor mounts on? Wont it throw a code and ping the CEL?
Snub mount is, but I am on about the two mounts the engine sits on.

Only difference is no liquid part, in theory we could replace the leaking side with the same part as our solid side (and yes they can be turned around and used the same for each side). Purpose of the liquid is to dampen vibration so it's crazy to assume one OEM solid mount will vibrate less than another.

Ive done the snub and gearbox mount on mine but still feels like its rocking abit.

Can you put non sensor mounts on? Wont it throw a code and ping the CEL?

Throws a code when it's disconnected but just in VCDS, no nasty dash lights/warnings.
Cheers Jake, may go order some solid mounts to replace the hydro mounts and see how they are. Doing my clutch and DMF soon so will do it at the same time!

Sorry for the thread hijack Mike!
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Would leaking Engine mounts be an MOT fail?/a problem?
Only reason I ask is that I scanned the car when I had an airbag light on & as well as the airbag, it came up with an engine mount code.
I cleared the code & it didn't come back straight away, but not checked since.

I notice a slight wobble when I start the car up but nothing else noticeable...
This has just led me to think, I've got the MOT on Saturday morning, I've not had a look to see if there is any leakage, but knowing my luck with this car it will be!

It's my first MOT for this car, so i'm dreading it... fingers crossed it goes ok!
Are engine mounts costly to replace? I see they are a few quid to buy, don't think i'd want to be fitting them myself.

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