Reverse camera retrofit - plug 'n play + cheap

Got that sucker to let go, woohoo!!
- turns out the OEM handle has 1 clip on each side that make sure it does not come off easily.

Now, next challenge is to find a reverse signal - any good ideas?

Could you post a picture marking the location of these two clips please?

I'm struggling to remove the handle myself.
Im guessing from your forum name, its a struggle eh Mr sore fingers??
Yeah, the feeling's just about come back to my fingertips.

I'm going out for another attempt soon enough.
Yeah, the feeling's just about come back to my fingertips.

I'm going out for another attempt soon enough.
I remember the sore fingers..... Autch!
I ended up using a flat screw driver with black thick scotch around, taking pressure against a flat Woden stick to destribute the load to not only one point of the car (to avoid dents).
This ended up breaking the white parts off you see in the picture, hereafter the handle came right out.

This you do at your own risk! :)
Have you had any luck with that guide? Would be super helpful. Thinking of ordering one of these.
hey guys i am new to this so please bare with me. i have a Audi A3 S Line Sportback (5 door) 2013 model. i really need your help and support in order to do the following:

has anyone got a how to guide to retrofit the display for parking sensors will it work with only rear parking sensors or will i need the front ones too? if so can you send me some links as to where i can get them from? also how do i get front parking sensors fitted? id rather do it myself then getting someone else to fit it and safe me some money.

Also i am looking to upgrade my mmi in my audi a3 8v s line 2013 sportback i have already purchased all the genuine large screen mmi unit, uni in the glovebox and the centre console with the silver buttons i need your help if anyone knows how to remove and install the new unit in the dashboad, glovebox and centre console? id rather do it myself so some guidance and instructions would be appreciated.

Has anyone got instructions or could possibly tell me how to remove the old mmi display unit in the dash, unit in the glovebox and centre console?

Also is it a simple plug and play kind of thing or will i need to coding and if so you guys know anyone around birmingham who will be able to do it?

Thank you in advance guys.
Seeing as how you have so many questions, were you a bit previous buying the parts?
It's pretty certainly not a simple job.
Like I mentioned before, why didn't you do any research before purchasing all of the high end version of the mmi.

There are no definitive guide how to pull the mmi apart. You can find some videos online how to take various equipment but nothing specifically.
Hello guys, i have been following this thread and the "audiworld"one, conserning the same retrofit for some time. There are claims that after updating the cars software, the camera stopped working, is there anyone that has performed the updates and still has the camera working as it should? I am reviving the thread because i will be receiving my A3 within November and retrofitting a reverse camera is one of the first things i want to do. Thanks in advance.

Are you getting a 2016 A3? Those models are suppose to come with backup camera standard if you are in the US.
Ya, I had to add a relay and wire up directly to the reverse gear light. However I use a completely different system than the ebay camera so might be still working for a good number of people as I got the software update without my knowledge since the dealership didn't know how to fix my recall.
People say this may damage the electrics of the car being a cheap alternative to OEM. Looking at the wiring, the original wiring bypasses the unit so only "uses the box" when reverse is selected making me think an issue is not likely.

My question is what's the video like in at night? Preps a video please? What's the quality like compared to OEM? From the video it looks much more poor in comparison to my OEM toyota yaris camera.

I am thinking to source oem used ECU and camera and buy the wiring from an aftermarket supplier. Anyone want to comment on OEM coding using vcds? Where would the OEM ecu be placed?
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I am also thinking if I do the "cheaper" ebay alternative... people have complained space is tight therefore I may if possible remove the few pins from the "china" version and out them directly into the OEM harness. What's the best way to remove pins?
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Just an update. .. rang audi for price of reverse cam ECU and camera... just incase someone was curious... I can't remember exact figures but something like

£350ish Inc VAT for ecu
£160 Inc vat for camera
No retrofit wiring loom available.

If you want it fitted... I believe there are some OEM fitters that can fit it for this price.
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Things have been cleared out...

-If you have DSG/S-tronic you are in luck - then it is indeed plug and play.
-if you have manual - the you need to run a signal wire from the reverse light and up to the small green wire from the kit.

I have a few questions please.

1. I take it the green wire is at the front of the car?

2. Did you have to buy another wire to run to the back or does it come with the kit?

3. Does it matter which wire on the reverse light it connects to?

4. How did you connect it to the reverse light wire?

5. Now that you have been using it for a while, is it still working and would you say it is a quality product


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Another question is does it fit in glovebox?

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