Revo Stage 2 - Dyno Results?

Thanks Rick, any suggestions as the where to get my car data logged in the West Midlands?
R-Tech and Dynodaze are Leicester way.
nluk100 is spot on you need the right fuel btw is it using standard clutch ?
Andy, have you picked the phone up and spoken to VHub?
They know what they're doing and will most certainly have set your car up correctly, if not they'll definitely be able to rectify that.
One of our guys is making them aware of this thread, so I'm sure they'll be in contact with you asap.

Lots of advice being given on here, it's a shame I didn't see this earlier as the best advice would be to get in contact with your Revo dealer and ask them the question. They would no doubt have offered to look at your car, check the settings and run some live data to make sure the engine is doing what the ECU is asking it to do. Without knowing what the car was doing on the dyno or is doing on the road right now no one has any information from which to base anything on.

As you've noticed yourself with your friends car there can be a huge variable between dynos, this page: might give you more of an insight into that.

There could be any number of reasons for the low peak numbers, the dealer will be able to assess the car though and get to the bottom of it.

All the best,
Been back over to V-Hub today after they contacted me regarding this thread and asked me to pop over to them so they could have another look at what the cars doing, when originally mapped they had set it to the 95-97 BP fuel which now i have started using V-Power Nitro.. They have tweaked the map on the road specifically for the fuel that i am now running and the car feels even better and quicker than it did before!

Just to clarify i have had no problem with V-Hub and they have been very good in regards to following up on how the software was for me and also tweaking the map free of charge and spending time with me talking through exactly what they are doing, I also went out on the road with them while they were making the adjustments.

They explain to me that the upload the Revo software and then tweak it on the road specifically for each car and regardless of the figures that i got from the rolling road i am very happy with the way the car feels and drives and the power difference is awsome!

Cheers Guys :smilet digitalpoint:
Hey guys, Just wanted to ask a could of questions regarding these apr/revo remaps. im thinking of buying a s3 8p and wanting to get a stage 2 + tune done. What figures will i be making roughly and whats the fuel economy like compared to standard. 9l per 100.
@malaz44 I've been running revo stage 2+ for the last 12,000 miles. You should be looking at around 360bhp. Fuel economy for me is about 1-2mpg worse than when I was at stage 1 but that's probably as a result of giving it beans. I can still average 30-32mpg on my M25 commute to work.

To the OP - I was going to say 285 is way too low as I was making 305 just from a revo stage 1 but glad to hear that it's sorted

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