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May 10, 2014
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Northern Ireland
Hasn't been washed since Friday, been so busy with work lol

Most of County Down's salt supply stuck to it fs

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Thats todays job sorted Aaron. :) x
Wow you think you would wash that poor Audi! ;)

I am only uploading the one, as I wouldn't hear the end of it if you seen the rest of the car!lol

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I tried snow foaming for the first time this weekend, and I'm slowly getting into detailing a bit more indepth now I have the 8, using two bucket method and when the summer comes I'll be getting rid of the swirl marks and doing a bit of paint correction as it'll be the first summer with the car and have left it over winter for obvious reasons.

Any who I spent most of Saturday playing with the snow foam and giving mine and the misses car a good wash, mine ended up like this (sorry about dark photo as I was running out of light)

7 hours later in the daylight my car looked like this

I did think why did I bother, the motorway was filthy, I was slightly disheartened when I seen the state, but I do also enjoy cleaning my car so all was not lost, can't wait for the better weather to come along so I have a car that stays shiny for longer than a few hours lol!
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God help you having to wash that I find an a4 hard enough hah
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Dirty S4 fixed with CarPro Reset and a lot of pressure washing!

IMG 20150118 132925102
IMG 20150118 132938525
IMG 20150118 132953757
IMG 20150118 133003439
IMG 20150118 133015318
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God help you having to wash that I find an a4 hard enough hah

It does take some time, I loose most the day cleaning mine and the misses car.

A washed it again today, took 2.5 hours just to snow foam, rinse, 2 bucket and a wipe down, didn't help it started raining, so never got to seal the alloys ready for tomorrow :(
My wife's old MINI JCW :D

Before -

After -

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This was 2 weeks ago before being cleaned today!

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