Running an iPod 30 pin extension to console - quick!


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Jul 30, 2007
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Bangor, UK
Don't normally post this kind of thing but after reading all sorts of guides and having to remove the glove box etc i thought i would share what I've done with mine. Ordered a 2m 30pin cable from eBay for £6 and using no more than a pen knife have run the cable from the glove box top right, down the channel to the side which it can be pushed into and then behind, then up behind and along the trim alongside the passenger seat and the then removed the rear air vents (2 min job again just using the tools on a pen knife) run it up and through the black blanked hole into the centre console. Ive had to trim the top corner of the glove box to allow the cable through using the small knife and trimmed the corner of the blacking plate again to let the cable through using the knife. Took about 20 min to do and using the lightening iPhone 5/6 to 30pin adapter can now plug my phone into the system also for music and keep it in the console instead of the glove box!

Hope this helps and the pictures should make it all very straight forward.

by, on Flickr

by, on Flickr by, on Flickr
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what system are you running this on? Is the other side connected into the back of the stereo and is it run by aux?