Drivers side window wont open


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Aug 11, 2009
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Stamford, Linclnshire
Hi guys

picked up my avant the other day, and the passenger window doesn't work. it makes the as if it is trying to open the window but no movement.

could it just be that the glass is stuck to the seals. I don't want to really take the door card off unless really necessary.

is there anything else it could be?? thanks in advance
Can you hear the motor spinning ? Sometimes the wires snap and it grinds. I just replaced my drivers side ones. It's fiddly but not too bad.
plug the car in and see if the window regulators bring up any errors
is there a method of bringing up the error codes on the car without special software as my focus st could do it by pressing certain buttons on the dash etc
If the motor/wiring has a problem VCDS will help, but if the cables have jammed in the window reg it won't bring up a code.
The other possibilty is the reg has failed in the past & someone has wedged the window in place. Best bet is to just remove the door card & investigate as it only a 10 min job to get the card off.
Hi, i had similar problem with my windows. When you operate the switches, the window sounds jammed. I had a bad switch.

To check, try dropping the windows with the remote key fob. As in push and hold the 'unlock' button. If the windows drop all the way down you have a faulty switch!

Just an idea mate!
well took the card off and have found that the wire which winds up the window is snapped. so guessing probably gonna be cheaper to buy a new door, than to get it repaired.
look on ebay plenty of window regs complete on there , just bolt in , not to difficult.
You can new wires on ebay, I just did my drivers side. Its a bit fiddly but not that difficult if you are technically adept. There is a trick to getting the wire on the spool mind !
Don't buy the cheap ones off e-bay they're crap.Paid £54 for my driver's door one from Europarts,they're £110 from Audi.My mate will fit it next week for me.
Got mine from GSF for £70 ish. Doddle to fit really, worth looking at a video first though. Saves undoing unnecessary bolts etc.
For the cable or a new regulator ? Eurocarparts is £140 ish for a regulator for my cab that's shy I bought just the cable for 15 quid.
I bought an ebay special for 30 odd quid, thats the whole assembly so bolt off bolt on job, no messing about with the cables. Fitted it in august and does the job fine.

As others have said, fiddly but very doable. Took me a couple of hours.

I had this video to guide me-


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