Audi Concert settings altered after disconnecting battery


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Sep 20, 2014
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Audi Concert system; after disconnecting my battery to change the starter motor, the radio no longer comes on/off automatically when I turn on the ignition/remove the key. Buttons no longer light up, only display screen. Also switches itself off after 45 minutes. As if it's connected to battery but not wired up to respond to ignition?

Is there any way I can return it to factory settings without requiring VCDS or a trip to Audi?

It doesn't require a code when disconnected either, which I didn't expect as I'd read that these systems have a four digit reactivation code- unsure whether this is of significance?
Sounds like something got reset with the battery being disconnected. If nothing else was changed then I'd say that a bit of poking around with VCDS is in order unfortunately.

Where are you located? There are plenty of members with VCDS around, so someone is bound to be close to you.
It remembers if it's the right vehicle and the switching off is a battery saving feature. Don't know about the other faults.
Thanks for the replies lads. I'm based in the Midlands; Stoke and Nottingham.

Yeah I know that it's a battery-saving feature, but that normally only happens when you've switched the headunit on without the engine running...I'm used to driving for 4 hours plus without it turning itself off. Lack of button light in the dark is pretty annoying too!

Not been using these forums that long, is there a way to find somebody local with VCDS without making a new thread?

Thanks again