What kind of headlights corresonds to this part number


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Feb 21, 2012
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Hello guys,
Im going for a conversation from 2006 to a 2010 healights (LED DRL). I found headlights with this number: 8P0 941 003 BE
1EL 009 648-09
What means with this BE - are they mechanical or electrical regulated/adjusting? Tell me what you know about different types. My car is with non-xenon system and electrical adjustment.
Thanks in advance :)
Is that not the kit that you would use to do a full and proper conversion of the headlights from Halogen to Bi xenon ?
They also stock the convertor leads. I couldn't add any more really as I couldn't find that part on Partbase and my ETKA doesn't goto 2010 so I thought I would post something relavent and possibly useful.
Heres a link to partbase which may be of help with other queries.




The OP is in Bulgaria, I suspect but may be wrong, that he knows the headlights are for a LHD car if he is looking on Ebay or the like then it';s very very likely that the lights he sees will be LHD.

The headlights are auto levelled (mechanical) with no manual levelling option from the car. the kit that desertstorm posted is the kit you would use to have them level.
The BE part is just a part number which doesnt mean anything on its own.
What exactly LHD means (left hand drive like UK?) What shows that is for a left hand or right hand drive? :) Im looking in local sales not from ebay (cuz its way cheaper) Yes Im in Bulgaria and which part of the number stands for autolevelling. All of the facelift headlights are auto levelling or? If I choose to buy one of these auto levelled is it possible to level them before install because it is very rare to adjust leveling in my case.
Thanks for answering :)
LHD = Left Hand Drive... As in you sit on the Left side of the car, which is fine for you as you are in Bulgaria.
All Xenon headlights are Autolevelling, Halogen ones are all manual levelling.
You can plug the headlights into a car that already has xenon headlights and switch the car on which will level out the headlights for you then fit to your car. if then it still needs to be adjusted you can manually do so with the white screw points on the top of the headlights.
Yeah thanks a lot. One last question, i must have an adapters because of the difference in the connector and pins. I can't manage to sort out what kind of adapters do i need in my case when i have a standart ('06) halogen light and going to DRL xenon one? How do they promote/name it in the ebay?