Error Codes 17704 & 17705 - Help Required, think ive a sick engine :-(


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Jan 15, 2015
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Guys im back to pick more brains after a successful first post where I was informed that my fuel filter was the issue to my first problem, thanks Lewis583 - Sorted!

I mentioned in that post i have 2 error codes showing up, 17704 and 17705! Themostat/temp sensor and check DV, driving to work this morning in -5 conditions I had the heater set to high but it was blowing warmish/cool air, the temp gauge stays at the bottom and doesn't rise, the car also felt lumpy to drive, as if it was choking, although it was a slow journey, never being over 50mph the engine felt very restricted!

My dad and I gave the engine a check on Saturday afternoon after replacing the fuel filter, I told him that the error code 17705 was saying loss in pressure around the DV area, engine cover removed and we found a split pipe that had a botch repair carried out on it with black silicon and a hose used to splice it where it had split! Also appeared to be quite oily under there! We carried out a temporary repair using a rubber tape we use in emergencies with bike tubes so it can withstand high pressures this stuff, I have attached a few pics to show the repaired hose (obviously the one wrapped in white tape lol also apologies to admin if these are too large, computer at work restricts me getting into imageshack!!!) can anyone tell me what it is, part number etc and how damage to a part like this would affect how the car drives.




Also the Emission Control System light has came on, is this light related to any of the error codes mentioned.

Again any help would be very much appreciated, based on how pristine the interior and exterior of the car is it would be a shame to be let down by a few small/big issues under the bonnet.

Thanks, Steven
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fix them first, confirm all good with smoke test if you have anyone local with one..

Yeah mate thats the plan, just a bit disheartening with the car being so clean and then niggley wee things that are hard to spot and work on raising their heads, its a 13 year old car i understand so these issues will always crop up, anyone know what pipe this is so i can order a replacement?
Part no will be on the pipe itself, they also make a silicone version of this which lasts a lot longer than the rubber oem ones.

Once it's all fixed make sure you clear all the codes and hope it doesn't come back as it can be a pain in the *** of a code !

17704 is probably just being caused by a faulty coolant temp sensor , this can make your car run a bit rich and eat your mpg up.

If you have a little look down the right side of your engine you will find the little green sensor in your coolant pipe.

Easy enough to change !

Always get your sensors from the dealers as copy's are never any good !
Thanks Jamie, mate looking at those hoses, where do the hose clamps fit onto, i mean what do they slide over first before clamping if that makes sense?