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Dec 8, 2014
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hi guys, I bought a dump valve of ebay, just a cheap one to see what it was like. I fitted it and it was whistling and turbo chatter. so I took it out changed the spring to a more taught one and tried it again. still there was a whistle and chatter. I then thought oh well its because it was cheap (£35) so I put the standard one back on the chatters gone but the whistle remains? Does anyone know what is likely causing this? And also is there a way I can test it? Thanks jon
dont no if it helps but its a year 2000 and has a jetex cone filter and a badger silicone pipe with a ln and remap. Was wondering if the dump valve may have been damaged in removal I'm 90% sure its the dump valve making the whistle? Just wanna no how to test it!
I wouldn't trust an ebay dv at all.

Turbo chatter is never good!, if you want your dv leak free either buy the revised oem one or for a bit of bling bling buy a forge one :)

Too check to see if your dv is leaking push the piston up with a pen or something similar , put your finger over the vacuum port and if the piston drops with your finger still on its leaking.
lovely thanks for that mate! Is that the little tube that comes out the top of the dump valve? Our one of the bigger ones?
The little vacuum tube that comes off the top mate yes.

If your looking for the best DV for your car I would send that one back and get the revised one from the stealers.
wicked Il give that a try which ones the revised one? And roughly how much is it? Can u get it on ebay or anywhere or is it dealer only?
Not too sure on the pn, just give them a call and I'm sure they will tell you. I think there roughly about £30 odd .
I just changed the dump valve for a new Audi one from the stealers £37.61 if anyone's interested and I haven't tested it yet but the old one had oil in the 2 main spout bits is that normal? Also I took the intake pipe off and there was a bit of oil in there? Is this normal or likely that the seals are going on the turbo??? Please say normal!!!!
A little bit of oil in the intake is normal , it's just your pcv system doing its job .The only way to stop this is to fit an oil catch can.

Can you get a video of the whistling ?

Is it there all the time or when does it happen ? On WOT driving or just normal ?

it happens every journey so if your driving normal and changin as and when you get a bit of a suck noise and then the woosh of the diverter valve when however you drive hard the sucky noise turns to a whistle and so does the woosh? I shall do a video/recording in the morning!
It could be anything from a split boost hose to your turbo being on its way out.

Probably best getting a proper boost leak test (smoke test) done to reveal any underlying leaks or get someone that knows these cars to have a look for you.

dang worst case how much is a refurbed turbo fitted? Thing I find weird is that it was fine until I put the cheap ebay turbo on it then since it came of its done it was only on there for about a day? Then since then its made the noise! So frustrating!
You say you have a cone filter on it. If you revert back to the standard panel filter and air box you don't hear any of the turbo whistling noises. Since I changed to my jetex cone and Badger5 TIP the noises are much more pronounced.
It's definelty a whistle that shouldn't be there , A non working diverter valve will put stress on a turbo so may have caused some damage , like I said above you need to get someone who knows what there doing with these cars to have a look
ok I've taken it toba garage local to work there gonna look at it and let me know! Hope its not expensive as have no moneys :(
ok so the garage have rung me and they cant find anything wrong with it? They took it for a drive and said it feels really nice and pulls as it should? Should I take it to another garage?
It's always hard to diagnose a problem from a video , if it was me I would get a second opinion from a vag specialist or similar just for peace of mind.
sounds like it's leaking boost somewhere - if you played with (changed) the DV look closely at the pipe connections - pay particular attention to where the jubilee clips clamp - I had one that had cut through the charge side feed pipe to the DV on an EVO I had once that made a similar sound - just a suggestion ????????
ok so second opinion says its fine again :( I have run a diagnostic (Delphi software not vagcom) and it says the maf sensor had a high flow rate so I cleared that and the errors gone but has been replaced with 65535 systems ok if problem persists....... Or something? What could this be? Also do you think its worth changing the maf sensor as that could cause the whistle? Or just take it out and have a general check? Would it be obvious what is wrong with it thanks jon
I've got exactly the same noise albeit my cars a lcr 225.. Let me know how you get on.
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will do mate keep checking back here! Gonna take the maf sensor off tonight and look it over put a bit of wd40 seems to cure most things ;) at least I can check the connection? However the first garage dismantled it from the air filter to the turbo and put it all back and didnt find anything?
Surely though the cause of the noise is going to be after the turbo as that's the part of the intake that becomes pressurised. I'm thinking it might be the high temp 90 degree pipe straight of the the turbo...
Please don't spray wd40 on a MAF sensor.

If you cleared the code and it didn't come back I would leave it alone.

The fact that the sound wasn't there before you put the cheap diverter valve on would suggest that the whine shouldn't be there.

Have you taken it to a vag specialist yet ?

You really need someone who knows these engines to have a look...
Il try another garage at the weekend just haven't got any money to throw at it until then end of the month what's the likeliest cause do you think? And what sorry of cost would it be to rectify?
might be worth mentioning when I first start the car theres loads of white smoke as normal but this stays there even when its warm its not as bad though so basically theres always white smoke when stationary not when moving
i dont think its the head gasket as its not gunky in the oil or oil in the water? And it did it before the whistle noise? Has always done it since i bought it?
just had a proper look the noise sounds like its coming out the induction filter? Also noticed this pipe not connected? I assume thats from the existing air box but thought id check? Gonna take it to a vag garage when I get a chance! Sounds kinda cool though!


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Secondary Air intake that pipe.. ideally have its own filter when used with an open cone induction kit
makes hissy wooshy noise on cold start.. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
could you use one of these to blank off the pipe rather than fit a small filter - new to Audi so not sure :undwech:
Best thing to do is just delete the whole SAI system from the engine. Inexpensive and makes the engine bay tidier.
well guys you'll be pleased to know that there has been a third opinion and so far no boost leaks they are taking everything off from the turbo back tomoro as they expect the turbos damaged :( cant afford to replace it at the the mo they say between £6-800+ fitted :(

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