ultimate dubs?

Oct 6, 2009
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Wrexham.. North Wales
Hi. I know in the past theres been a group stand at ultimate dubs show in telford.

Is anything happening this year for it? Cant find anything on this forum to say?

Cheers limbo.
I'd be interested to know this as i'll be coming up for the day.
any news on whether people will be convoying down at all? have tried to look but doesn't seem to be any interest this year...
Omg same. I'm member on the audi tt forum ....no one seems to be bothered or taking an interest. I hope it's not just because we don't have a stand there this year. Shouldn't stop u going eh.
Haa just thought I'd revive it couldn't be bothered to start a new thread lol its this Sunday
I'm up for going for sure.

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