TTE780+ Upgrade Performance Turbochargers RS4 / S4 B5 / A6 2.7t

Mike's S4 B5 TTE780+

Powertrain Spec

RS4 Engine 2.8
Pauter connecting rod
JE Pistons 8.0-1 CR
modified oil pump
2.8 cylinder head
2.8 camshaft
AG exhaust manifold
TTE780S turbos
R100 Custom side air intercoolers
830ccm injectors

Engine Built by

SOftware by TUNETEC

Fuel 100Ron (no wmi)

Boost 2,38- 1,75bar redline

726PS 935Nm (summer temps)

80-300 pull

100-200 5.83 sec corrected (performance box GPS)
Summer time temps.

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This is why TTE780+ are so good

Data provided by a customer and compiled from MRC Tuning dyno results shared on forums with a basis on similar hardware and fueling.

The results speak for them self.


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Mike improves his 100-200 time with GPS PBOX 5.72 sec corrected, 100 ron
He thinks can go faster as was a slight curve in the road

Robson's RS4 2.7 TTE780

TTE780+ Turbos
Wagner SMIC
Wagner ex-manifolds
Decat downpipes by SF
Milltek system
044 pump
850 injectors
larger MAF housing
034 intake system
Heads ported , +1mm valves
Loba cams
Intake ported
IE forged rifle drilled rods
JE forged pistons (stock CR)
Calico bearings
Loba 6 puck clutch /flywheel
all assembly balanced

Mild boost and timing and using 99ron fuel only (no wmi)

696PS 862 Nm crank
MRC tuning software

Brandon's Fantastic S4 B5 3.0 TTE780 Wagon.

Built & Tuned with very moderate boost levels with durability in mind.

Low boost on 91Octane 422WHP 409WTQ (22-19psi)
Medium boost on 104Octane 570WHP 502WTQ (26-27PSI)

3L Stroker
Bore: 82.5mm
Stroke: 92.71mm
CR: 9.0.1
JE Piston/Pauter Rods
2.8 Heads w/ 1mm oversized valves
Cat Cams (1004052)
TTE780+ Turbos
The-Tuner Exhaust Manifolds
The-Tuner Pressure pipes
The-Tuner Y Pipe
RS4 intake manifold
Custom 2.5" inlets
ER Intercoolers
034 motorsport X34 CAI
034 motorsport 85mm MAF housing
034 motorsport Fuel Rails
034 motorsport 3" Downpipes
Bosch EV14 850's
Custom fueling 3x 044 fuel pumps w/surge tank
W/M Injection
South Bend Stage 4 Extreme clutch package

Custom Tuning and much of the build by 034Motorsport

And the list goes on but this is the basics...

Interior and exterior revamp 2018 so watch this space


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2.7 rs4 b5 TTE780 by 2.7Tmotorsport

test pull

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