Manifold error code


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Jan 3, 2015
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I recently bought an A3 2.0 tdi 2006. I haven't had 1 days peace with it since I bought it. The last issue that has arisen is my engine management light has come up. My manifold flap was removed and had been seized closed. I therefore bought a manifold flap thinking that was the end of the problem. I ran the codes and OPEN TO GROUND/SHORT TO GROUND appeared. I cleared the codes and drove the car a mile but engine management light appeared again. My mechanic looked at it again and said the new manifold flap is 100% as are the fuses. Advised me to take car to an auto spark. I have thrown a lot of money at this car (bought it privately so my own fault) so don't have any more funds to pay an auto spark whatever he charges an hour to check all my wiring.

I have read some threads on here but most related to defective manifolds or fuses being blown but both of mine are fine.

Any advice would be grately appreciated.

Many thanks